Ways to Optimize SEO Website 2022

Ways to Optimize SEO Website 2022

ways to optimize seo website

How to optimize the website perfectly is a question asked by many online businesses at the moment, today’s website design is not only about how to make the website impress customers but also the content. Web content must also match keywords in the eyes of search engines. With Google controlling up to 90% of search traffic, it’s no surprise that the most important purpose of a website marketing strategy is to be optimal in Google’s opinion. Here, we will introduce to you how to optimize your website as effectively as possible.


If you’re doing SEO, you’ve probably heard this question many times. With many practical experiences, we can summarize and draw valuable lessons, then get closer to the above question. In this article, we will share the best criterias to help you test your website optimization to reach the goal of “perfect” or at least close to perfection.

Use meta description to optimize your website

Meta Description is the descriptive information displayed on the search results page, which helps the viewer understand what the website is about. Content that is descriptive enough to convince searchers to click on the page and entice customers to stay on your website will help you set yourself apart from other search results. Note that Google also uses the Meta Description along with the page title to distinguish web pages. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully describe each page differently to avoid being judged as duplicate content. Pay attention that the description is limited to 160 characters, including spaces.

meta-descriptionDuplicate content

If not handled properly, duplicate content can hurt your SEO. Because, Google often filters out duplicate content from search results. Duplicate content can be shown up on your site unexpectedly in a variety of ways.

Keyword position in content

In an seo article, keywords are an important part of optimizing seo standard website for users and let google know what words you want to optimize. Keywords that appear in the article usually have to be in the first 150 characters of an article to be useful for that article. For search engines, priority will be given to pages with keywords appearing at the beginning of the article, so this optimization is the best.

Optimize images for website by reducing graphic images

With a large number of graphic images, the beauty will not be enough to make up for them to slow down your site. For each graphic image on your Web page, the browser must make a connection to your server.

If you cannot reduce the number of graphics on your Web page, try to combine several graphics into a single image. Use the same graphics on your other Web pages so that browsers can load the graphics from the browser cache.

Or WebP is a new file format for images to be used on the web. By using the WebP image format, your images will be 25-34% smaller in file size than PNG and JPEG without losing quality. See How to Use WebP Images in WordPress Easily .

Use seo-friendly URLs

Length: Use short URLs and try to create links back and forth in your website to enrich the content and the message you want to convey to the reader. The recommended URL should be no more than 100 characters in length.
Keywords: Should cleverly insert some keywords into the URL to increase the frequency of the keyword’s appearance. In particular, it is recommended to optimize the structure of the links to the articles of the page as follows: domain.com/category/blog-post, it will be much better than the structure: domain.com/folder/category/sub-category/blogpost.

seo-friendly-url-structureWebsite speed optimization

The experience you provide to your users can either improve or damage your SEO rankings depending on how you optimize your site for speed. Google likes websites that are fast and error-free. Therefore, owning a strong Hosting with a reputable provider is always a vital factor for a website. You can refer TOP 5 Best Website Speed Test Tools in 2022 .

Fix broken links

Last but not least, your site should not have broken links. Whenever people receive an error when trying to access your content, Google gets a warning sign and takes action.


No matter how good your webiste seo is now. You should also check your website regularly for a quick assessment of its health. To make sure your website is optimized for traffic, drive conversions and revenue distribution. If you are building a new website or want to change the interface of current one, you can choose any of our Multi Vendor Marketplace Elementor WordPress Themes from us.

Good luck!


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