[Infographic] Social Media Image Size 2018

[Infographic] Social Media Image Size 2018


To promote your brand and product, Social Media is a must-have-element in any marketing campaign. To help you to take the best advantage of the media channel, in this article, we will introduce you some tips about the image size.

This article includes:

  • Facebook Profile, Page, Groups, and Events: Profile, Cover and Shared Image Sizes and Tips
  • Instagram Account Picture Sizes.
  • Twitter Profile, Cover, and Shared Image Sizes.
  • Google Plus Images Sizes: Profile, Cover, and Shared Images.
  • LinkedIn Image Sizes.
  • Pinterest Image Dimensions.

social media image size

Quick Tips

1. Facebook Ads:

  • It’s not everything about a cool image, you have to think on your copies too.
  • Always use Call To Action to invite your users to click on your ad, this will increase your conversion rate.
  • If you’re going to invest on Facebook Ads, remember that your images must follow the 20% rule of text overlay. This means that, if your image has more than 20% text on it, it will show less to your audience, so probably you will be wasting money or time on that image.

2. Instagram Ads:

  • Include a Clear Call to Action: you can place a button on your image or a strong text link on the description.
  • Use emotional words, benefit-oriented, clear and concise.
  • Use bright images on Instagram, stand out with colors.

3. Instagram Posts:

  • Use Hashtags that matter to your audience, place them below your main claim description. Max 30 #
  • Post Regularly: .
  • Comment & Like, give some love to get some.
  • Geo-Tag: Tag people and brands.

4. Twitter Ads:

  • Include a Clear Call to Action, words like: “Click Here”, “Download” and Hashtags related to your post.
  • Keep Them Short and Interesting: tweets with less than 100 characters get more engagement.
  • Use Images, Video or Twitter Cards to Drive Higher Engagement.

5. Google Plus Posts:

  • Start with an awesome headline, this usually will display on Google search results.
  • Add pictures that people want to share.
  • Use Google+ Hashtags.

6. LinkedIn Posts:

  • Use high-quality images: make sure they´re well composed and in focus.
  • Post a variety of compelling content.
  • Post at optimal times of the day.

7. Pinterest Posts:

  • Use high-quality images.
  • Go for taller pins, vertically oriented pins look better on mobile screens.
  • Pins with multiple images can work well, but keep it on 4 images or less.
  • Minimize the amount of text, make sure you can read it on mobile screens, also make sure your description give context to your pin, and make it timeless.

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