Top Best Multivendor Plugins for WordPress Site

Top Best Multivendor Plugins for WordPress Site


With the booming development of Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and lots of other marketplace, “building multivendor website” has been becoming the trending keyword this year.

If you are working on WordPress platform, and you want to build a marketplace. Yes, you can totally do it! In this article, we will help you to find out the best plugin to create a multi-vendor WordPress website.

Currently, if we search for marketplace or multi-vendor WordPress plugins, there are a sea of results for us to study. This makes us difficult to find the best one. So what is the best one? Don’t worry, we have chosen some recommendations for you.

  1. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace
  2. WC Vendors
  3. WC Marketplace
  4. YITH Multivendor
  5. WooCommerce Product Vendors

Let’s have a more detail look at them now!

1. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

Dokan Multivendor Plugin

Dokan is the best front end multi vendor marketplace on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce. Build your own Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento like marketplace in just 30 minutes. Dokan is the fastest way to start ecommerce and earn through commissions with products ranging from digital, physical to variable.

2. WC Vendors

WC Vendors

Create your own marketplace and allow vendors to sell just like etsy, Envato, eBay, or Amazon type sites! This allows other sellers/vendors to sell tangible products, virtual products, or downloads on your site. With this plugin, your vendors receive commissions you set on products they sell from your store..

3. WC Marketplace

WC MarketPlace

Want to build an eCommerce marketplace from scratch or convert your existing WooCommerce store into a marketplace? WC Marketplace is the one-stop solution for all your needs.

This amazing WordPress plugin allows your vendors to create individual stores, manage their inventories and shipping while you can earn commission on their sales. Sounds tempting, isn’t it? YES, WC Marketplace makes your eCommerce a hassle-free experience.

4. YITH Multivendor

YITH Multivendor Plugin

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor is the WooCommerce plugin explicitly developed to switch your WooCommerce website into a multivendor platform that will let you earn from commissions without you to lift a finger.
Moreover a multivendor shop brings more traffic to your site and allows you to get a better engine search positioning.

5. WooCommerce Product Vendors

WooCommerce Product Vendor Plugin


With Product Vendors for WooCommerce you can instantly turn a WooCommerce powered store into a marketplace complete with multiple vendors, products and payout settings.

Allow multiple vendors to sell via your site and in return take a commission on salesto cover the costs of managing the site while you focus your efforts on building a community.

Feature Comparison in Detail

Here are the comparison for the features supported by 05 best multi-vendor plugin.

Feature Dokan Multivendor WC Vendors WC Marketplace YITH Multivendor WC Product Vendors
Frontend Dashboard for Vendors          
Frontend Product Management            
Frontend order managing for vendors             
Withdraw System for Vendors          
Individual Vendor Stores           
Order Email Notifications          
Seller Management UI          
Seller Statement Reports              
Shipping Management          
Variable Products          
Coupon Creation          
Making Announcements             
Storefront Widgets              
Social Login              
Customized Product Categories          
Store SEO             
Social Profiles (Facebook, Twitter etc.)          
Earning Report          
Back ordering system             
Store specific contact form             
Bookable product              
Single product multiple seller              
Seller verification              
Trusted seller              
Fixed commission for vendors          
Multiple Commision Types            
Product image          
Limited time discount          
Tax option          
Front end order tracking module             
General shipping options          
Product level shipping             
Product stock management          
Update order status          
Create downloadable products          
Product categories          
Free version availability          
Store header image          
Custom store URL          
Setup wizard or walkthrough              
Store specific ticket system              
Google maps              
Manage reviews               
Admin reports          
Product update  1 year  1 year  1 year  1 year  1 year
Support   1 year   1 year   1 year   1 year   1 year
Price   $149*   $149   $100**   $95   $79

*Dokan Multivendor has other premium packages with advanced modules like vendor staff manager, single product multiple vendors, export-import, seller vacation, store support etc.

*WC Marketplace offers different add-ons for individual pricing. Their frontend manager add-on is $100 and all the features mentioned in our list is worth around $240.


In the list above, you may simply choose the Dokan Multivendor MarketPlace or WC Vendors for your WordPress Website. They are the best-selling and high-quality plugin recommended my many customers. Also, currently, our theme supported multivendor features and you can easily build your marketplace with our theme.

You can check Trending WordPress Themes and $21 Premium Themes for more references.

Thank you for reading!


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Best selling multi vendor wordpress themes

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