Why Is Your Website Loading Slowly?

Why Is Your Website Loading Slowly?

The loading speed of a website is very important and any web designers manage to minimize it. So, before finding out the solution to improve your website, let’s see why your website is loading so slowly? This article will give you the answer.

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The main reasons here is mostly caused by the web hosting, theme using, the running plugins, the images and the home page structure of the site.

Let’s continue to have a detail look at them now!

1. You are not using the best host

Most of us want to get a free or cheap hosting account. However, is it truly an economic solution?

A shared hosting or bad one may stop your site from loading speedily no matter how good your site is. This kind of host is often a SHARED hosting, which means that there are many websites running at the same time. By this way, the resource will be shared and that prevents your site’s speed.

So, let’s think about choosing a good web hosting for your home.

2. You do not use a good WordPress theme

In the term of loading time, how is a good WordPress theme? Well, it is a theme that does NOT include spyware or viruses – which can slow down your website.

In addition, there is no abundant HTML, code or CSS in the theme. All of them are optimized and function well.

If you choose a free theme, it may include spyware or viruses. You know what, anything has its own price and a free theme is not always a good choice.  Therefore, let’s choose a premium themes with both good theme quality and support service from reliable developers.


SW ShoppyStore - Best Selling WooCommerce WordPress Theme with Mobile Specifix Layouts
SW ShoppyStore – Best Selling WooCommerce WordPress Theme with Mobile Specifix Layouts


3. The images take too much space

Yeah! Image is an essential element of any website and there is no beautiful website without stunning images. However, the problem is that, the higher the size and quality of the image is, the longer it takes time to be loaded.

Especially for the website with huge number of photos, it will really make the website slower.

Therefore, let’s think about the solutions to minimize the image size in your world.

4. There is too much information in your Homepage

When entering your homepage, visitors will have first step on the home page first, that’s why you consider the homepage as the face of the website. Therefore, you want to put as much as information as possible here.

However, this will also increase the loading of your site. Especially for the one page website style, there are many block with images, video, slider, text and other elements. When the page loads, all of them will be called and be back at the same time.

And it is just like the traffic in the rush hour. So, let’s have wise arrangement for your face – homepage.


iLove - Creative Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme with Simple but Powerful Design for Home Page Layouts
iLove – Creative Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme with Simple but Powerful Design for Home Page Layouts


5. There are too many plugins running in your site

There are millions of plugins for WordPress site and we also use many plugins in a website like speed up site plugin, translation plugin, color plugin, image plugin, eCommerce plugin and even plugin for plugin.

When using more plugins, your site will take more time to work and to load as well.  Also, not all of them are good. There is also the bad quality, outdated ones that will slow your site performance.

These are some main causes that make a website performs slowly. In conclusion, let’s think twice about choosing host server and the theme, installing plugins, how to build your homepage and use images in your site to gain the best speed for your online store.


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