WordPress 5.7: New Features & Roadmap

WordPress 5.7: New Features & Roadmap

WordPress 5.7 Focus on Full Site Editing

All the information about WordPress 5.7 will be updated here. Please stay tuned!

WordPress 5.7 New Features

WordPress 5.7 contributors anticipate working on the following features in the next release:

  • Update WordPress Core to include current releases of the Gutenberg plugin
  • Gutenberg: ship additional blocks, refine the UI, add tools for themes and design, and continue working on the widget screen
  • Continue work on auto-updates and jQuery

“We might add more items in the upcoming weeks, and we will reconfirm the above-proposed list after the end-of-Gregorian year holidays,” Francesca Marano said in a planning roundup post. She said core development is not “closing up shop” for the holidays, and volunteers plan to run bug scrubs and dev chats. Those who cannot attend a meeting but want to advocate for a ticket can always comment on the dev chat agenda post to have it included in the discussion.

Matias Ventura created a GitHub issue in August for contributors to track the progress of full-site editing milestones. Some of the infrastructure and UI is already in place, as well as the ability to navigate through pages, templates, parts, and know which is area is active. Styling, theme blocks, the Query block, and the Navigation block are still in progress.

There are a lot of moving pieces to make full-site editing features cohesive and ready for prime time. In Ventura’s most recent status update on the project he reported that all of the features outlined are “in advanced stages” and can be used in the Gutenberg plugin already.

“The main hurdle to include the work in major WordPress releases are the various dependencies between each project when it comes to ensuring a great user experience,” Ventura said. “The immediate focus is then on completing the milestones, stabilizing the work, and doing as much testing with different kinds of users as possible.”

Updating …

WordPress 5.7 Roadmap:

  • February 2021: WordPress 5.7 Beta 1 release
  • March 9, 2021: WordPress 5.7 Release Date

Wrapping Up

Above are the latest features of WordPress 5.7. Our team has been updating our WordPress themes to support this version. Please stay tuned!

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