9 Criterias to Find a Good WordPress Theme for Your Site


You feel overwhelmed with the huge number of WordPress themes? Actually, there are tons of WordPress themes options to choose icluding both free and paid ones. This is what makes WordPress so popular. So how to choose the perfect WordPress theme? The 9 criterias below will help you choose the best theme for your needs.

1. Simplicity

There are many themes with complex layouts and many eye-catching animations. You may be attracted to those themes when you first see the demo. But do they really bring you value? You need to think carefully when choosing them. Such themes often have too many functions that you probably never use. In addition, too complicated layout also makes visitors feel confused in finding the information they need.

2. Responsive interface is required

Responsive interface is the ability to change the layout according to the screen size and the visitor’s device. More than 60% of people access Google with a mobile device. Therefore, Google will prioritize mobile-friendly website in its search list. In other words, a theme that can display friendly on handheld devices such as table, mobile will have a higher SEO value than a theme that is not mobile friendly. Now all WordPress themes support responsiveness. You can also easily check if the theme is responsive in two ways:

  • The easiest way is to resize the browser window. If the theme supports responsive, the layout of the theme will be adjusted to suit the browser size.
  • The other way you use Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool.

3. Browser compatibility

Users can browse the website on many different browsers. You definitely want the website to look perfect on popular browsers. Something like broken screen while browsing on IE for example is definitely unacceptable. Most theme developers mention browser compatibility issues on the theme information page. If you can’t find this information, you can retest the theme demo page on important browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. You also pay attention to test on the browser running on handheld devices such as phones.

4. Plugin installation support

Although it rarely happens, you can be sure that the theme you intend to install supports the popular plugins these days. If you have problems with the plugin installation, seek the support of your theme provider.

5. Multi-language support

If you want to build a website targeting the Vietnamese market, the theme must be ready for translation into Vietnamese. In other words, your WordPress Theme must support multi-language to meet any international marketplace. The theme documentation also has detailed instructions.

6. Have PageBuilder

PageBuilder is a plugin that allows you to build a drag-and-drop interface. Many premium WordPress themes come with PageBuilder built-in, for example eMarket, Flashmart, Bosmarket, Mallon

7. Support when you need it

Speaking of support, this is the downside of a free WordPress theme. With a WordPress theme, support is extremely important if you do not have much experience with WordPress. If support is needed, use a paid theme. Many paid themes now also only have one year support. If you want lifetime support, you usually have to use the most advanced plans.

8. SEO Optimization

SEO friendly is a requirement that cannot be ignored when you choose themes. You want your website to rank high on Google, right? Theme with SEO optimized code will help you easily achieve such a goal. For that reason, it is not difficult to understand that SEO support is always included in the list of outstanding features of paid themes.

9. Rating and rating of themes

This is an important parameter when you want to have an objective view of the theme you intend to use. If you use a free WordPress theme, there may have a ratings section below the download button. For paid themes, you have to see reviews from third-party sites. In general, nothing is perfect. But if the theme has many bad reviews, then you have to consider it carefully. If you are looking to use a paid theme, you can refer to the list below.

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