FREEBIES 3: 50+ Gorgeous Fonts To Complete Your Website’s Look In This Summer

FREEBIES 3: 50+ Gorgeous Fonts To Complete Your Website’s Look In This Summer

50 gorgeous free fonts for this summer 2017

Welcome to the entry No.3 of our Freebies on WPThemeGo. Today we have compiled an amazing collection of some of the most elegant and creative free fonts to complete your website’s look in this summer. So if you are in search of some really cool free fonts for your latest project, this post would be helpful.

There are several leading trends for Summer:

  • The first trend is inspired by clean lines, which makes it extremely easy to read, even when there is a lot going on in the background. This trend screams elegance and style like Coco, Bazzar.
  • The second one is a revived interest in ethnic and folk art styles, like the colorful approach of Tripel Six, or the charming Quirko
  • And the last one moves away from the geometric sans-serifs that we’ve seen recently, towards more humanist sans-serifs, like Qontra.


Coco is a fashion style font, inspired by the legendary Coco Chanel. It has bold and tall letters that will get anybody’s attention in a second.

free font coco

Download it here.


Vanity is specifically made for fashion magazines and blogs.

 free font vanity

Download it here.


Accent is a fun font and perfect for short titles

free font accent

Download it here.


Inspired by the city of fashion, Parisienne font is the perfect mix of vintage and classic.

free font parisienne

Download it here.


The lines are straight and clean, and the ball terminals at the end just add to the beauty of the font.

free font glamor

Download it here.


This font creates a beautiful, fun script personal blogs.

free font savoye

Download it here.


It’s very modern, and it would go very nicely with fashion and lifestyle related designs

free font break

Download it here.


Streetwear is a script font inspired by the roaring 70s fashion

free font streetwear

Download it here.


Valkyrie is a modern style font with geometric elements.

free font valkyrie

Download it here.


This is a font which combines old-world charm with contemporary design

free font bleakerst

Download it here.

Tripel Six

This is a bold typeface for a bold tripel ale of the same name.

free font Tripel Six

Download it here.


Combined with its assertive appearance and multiple weights, Quirko is a suitable typeface for both digital and print media

free font  Quirko

Download it here.


This font is suitable with informative texts, headings and advertising or book/magazine & newspaper design.

free font Qontra

Download it here.


It is designed nicely for titles, and its numbers are really clean and stylish.

free font Ailerons

Download it here.


The font is a humanist and minimal DIN

free font Gidole

Download it here.


This is a calligraphy font, widely used in original logo design, religious art.

free font Sensei

Download it here.


This is a free display type inspired in basic geometric forms and grids. GEOM is really an attractive font for summer

free font GEOM

Download it here.


Reef has its own strengths in simplicity and construction!

free font reef

Download it here.


free font grunwald

Download it here.


The typeface is designed with the flow of the letters is seamless and easy to read with great bold accents.

free font etna

Download it here.


free font ovalo

Download it here.

Hamster Script

Hamster Script is a cursive typeface inspired by brush lettering and traditional sign painting. It is widely used for branding/identity, clothing/t-shirt design, signage, headlines, poster, etc.

free font Hamster Script

Download it here.


free font Ikaros

Download it here.


free font Order

Download it here.


free font BELLADONA

Download it here.

El Capitan

El Capitan is a handcrafted typeface that will give your project a proper vintage look!

free font el-capitan

Download it here.


free font

Download it here.


free font phage

Download it here.


It is ideal for headers in posters,banners, logos and games too.

free font jazzball

Download it here.


This font is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc.

free font hero

Download it here.

Diana Sans

free font diana

Download it here.


free font Badhead

Download it here.


free font blackberg

Download it here.


free font ROYALS

Download it here.


free font Charming

Download it here.


free font

Download it here.


This font is made from one extremely long tube to form a letters from top to bottom of the line.

free font endless-neon-tube

Download it here.


free font reverb

Download it here.


free font helena

Download it here.

Fancy No Name

free font fancy-no-name

Download it here.


free font eiga

Download it here.


free font sen

Download it here.


free font shiro

Download it here.


Vampyri is a decorative font, suitable for titles and small blocks of text.

free font vampyri

Download it here.

BSRU Bansomdej

BSRU Bansomdej is a display typeface inspired by contemporary classic Thai style and perfect for usage in posters headlines and/or body text (especially the latin type).

free font bsru-bansomdej

Download it here.


free font shumi

Download it here.


This typeface is a free modern, semi-futuristic uppercase, editable font with a medium weight and
suitable for using on poster.

free font Fuerte Typeface

Download it here.


free font Sketchetik

Download it here.


Created from the simplicity of lines and curves with round corner and cap, Infinity is applicable for any type of graphic design – print, web, motion graphics, etc.

free font Infinity

Download it here.

Adamas Regular

free font Adamas Regular

Download it here.


If you enjoyed this collection, share the love and send out a link on your favorite sites. We hope that you could like and use the fonts in your next design.


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