Let’s learn how to use feature Color Swatch and Image in WordPress Themes!

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As you know, our themes support you with features color swatch and image for WooCommerce product. This is a great feature for an eCommerce site.

How to Use Color Swatch and Image?


Color Swatch and Image is applied for Variable Product only. To have this feature for your product, you can follow steps here:

Step 1:  Go to Products > Attributes to create Attribute for product.

Step 2:  Create Attribute Terms for the Attributes.

Step 3:  After that, you can add these attributes into your products. Please pay attention to some notes as below:

    • Choose Product data as Variable product.

    • In tab Attributes, configure the Custom product attribute and add the ones you created for product.

    • In tab Variations, you can add different options for each variation including Image, SKU, Price and others.

Step 4:  After all, you can preview product to see the change and then save it.

With just a few simple steps, you will have this greate feature for product in your site.

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